Crying Baby Taking Toll On Us

crying baby helpDear Al:
Since I've gave birth to my son, he wont stop crying! He cries all day and all night without a break, and it's taking a toll on us. The only time he doesn't cry is when he's naked, but I can't have him running around the house like that all day, because he poops nonstop. Looking forward to your help.

Dear Tiffany: (1st victim)
I'm no doctor, but it sounds like your baby is suffering from tight diaper syndrome, where the parent unknowingly puts on diapers too tight. To see if your one of those parents, put a diaper on your head, and if you can't think, it's too tight!


Tiffany said...

I kinda expected this kinda answer! LOL! Thanks for putting a smile on my face, AL!

Webmiztris said...

I'm suffering from tight jean syndrome, but it's only because of my vast JLO arse.... :)

Dear AL said...

Tiffany, happy to have made your day! Did the diaper idea work?

Dawn, cherish that JLO arse of yours, just when are you gona show us bloggers? You can't keep it all to yourself, spread the wealth!

Balls said...

me arms open wide, pal, or al rather. looking forward to more wise cracks or did u say wisdom.

Dear AL said...

Sorry balls, I'm not gay, but if you're talking about Dawns arse, I hear she has plenty to share!

I don't make wise cracks. Never!