Why Are People So Distant?

Dear AL:
I built myself a cathedral on wheels, which I named Carthedral, and for some reason people have been keeping their distance. What’s up with that?
– Rebecca, California

Dear Rebecca:
Maybe they’re afraid the Pope will fall out the back, and they don’t want to run over His Holiness by accident, so they’re keeping their distance just incase. Hope this helped!

Awesome job with the car!


Balls said...

lovely, i should start posting pics on my page too, just to breathe some life into it.
Dear Al, am in the market for a muse. do u think u can help ?

Webmiztris said...

I want one! That would keep the freaks away for sure!

Of course, then I'd just be a freak too...lol

Dear AL said...

balls, you're in the market for a muse?

I'm straight, buddy! But I'll see if I can come up with an idea, as long as you keep your hands to yourself, because if you don't you're gona be hurting!

Dawn, you are a freak! But I love ya!