An Apology To My Readers

Please forgive me! Oh please, please forgive me! So what do you say, you forgive me? No? Then screw you!From the responses on my blog, or lack of from a few on my blogroll on 2 entries before this one, and the anonymous hate emails I've recieved from male readers "Jonathan?" in response to my post before this one, I ruffled quite a few feathers, and I'm sorry.

Tracy, I'm sorry about my cruel jokes. Your avatar is cute, big eyed and all, and I would love to see her in my blog comments. I think I'll survive!

Jonathan, I'm sorry if I offended you with my jokes, and for calling you a dork. You didn't ask for my advice, but I was only trying to help.
I wish you luck with your son, and good luck with getting intouch with Dear Abby!

To show you how sincere I am, Jonathan, I present to you for your viewing pleasure the famous Balopsy Twins! By viewing this video, it will help feed the skinny one in shorts!

Am I the man, or what?!!!


Mr. Universe said...

Screw you! You just couldn't leave it alone, could you?

Dear AL said...

Come on, man! Loosen up!

Ok, the video wasn't serious, and that skinny girl was kinda freaky, but wasn't it still enjoyable?

Have some fun, dude, and save the fighting for your son!

Mr. Universe said...

Trying to be slick, huh? I saw the comment you erased before you replaced it with this one! You called me a Dork!

You think you're funny, mocking me with that video! Well I bet I have your blog friends behind me on this one, because it wasn't right!

And I'm not afraid of my son!

Dear AL said...

Calm down, dude!

Ok, I admit it, I called you a dork. But it wasn't right "since I know you can't take a joke", so I erased it.

In the words of Rodney King:
"Can we get along here? Can we all get along?"

Mr. Universe said...

No we can't! And this is gona be my last post here, ever!

Dear AL said...

4 minutes after I wrote? Are you living on my blog?

Well, you're evicted! DORK!

But before you go, I just want you to know that it's kinda hard to take a person serious when his profile image is a happy paperclip! What were you thinking?

No! forget it! I don't want to know!

Have a nice day!

ramblings said...

Hahahaha, Oh AL, you have made my day. You having an argument with um, what was his name? Dor, no that's not it, Jonathan. You 2 are making me laugh!

Oh and the only people who would enjoy that video, is self-indulged overly horned up teenage/college guys. And maybe some OLD perverts. They did the same damn dance steps the whole video, they need to break UP the monotony. NOT make it worse.

ramblings said...

Shit, I forgot to tell Jonathan the whino, that he is too afraid of his kid, otherwise, the kid would have some respect for him and his house, and his rules.

Amber said...

*throws the girls a donut*

Ok, I had a look at Jonathan's blogger profile and can I just say you crack me up!

doobyus said...

I guess I am an OLD pervert... oh well.

Sherry said...

Dear Al,
I think you are being stalked.
4 minutes... thats scary.

nyasha said...

Al, what is this you are perverting us with? Some of us are respectable citizens who come here to read about some good and sound advice (sike) and then we are subject to some anorexic teenagers thinking they have got the moves? Al, i had higher expectations of you.....

nyasha said...

btw, loved the "Arch Nemesis: Dear Abby". ;)

Webmiztris said...

i love when the one fixes her wedgie right in the middle of it!

and jonathan must be a dork to be using the MS paper clip! I mean, who DOES that? ;)

beadinggalinMS said...

the skinny one needs a few double cheeseburgers!

Rose DesRochers said...

No No. I'm being stalked. Some freak registered a domain in my name. Maybe Jonathan is related to him. After all, both names begin with J.

Vengelyne said...

I wanna be as slim as those 2 girls! *sigh* And that's one thing that'll never happen. I promise not to make videos like that of myself once I've reached their sizes, k? ;-)

Lizzie said...

Those poor girls. They are so white!

Dear AL said...

Ramblings, I'm just happy Jonathan was able to vent a little bit here. Maybe I pissed him off enough that he will take care of that kid of his.

Amber, his profile cracked me up to. His email to me must have been a joke, but it doesn't remove the fact that he's a DORK!

Doobyus, you just enjoy yourself! Pervert! ;)

Sherry, Jonathan can stalk my blog all he wants, as long as he plays nice.

Eastern Butterfly, I'm sorry I perverted you! With the Power of Grey Skull you are now unperverted! Feeling better? Oh yeah! I also added Dr. Phil and Oprah to my Nemesis list.

Dawn, you love how she fixes her wedgy? Is there something you're not telling us about you? ;)

BeadinggalinMS, the skinny one needs to be forced fed!

Rose, I don't think this person is stalking you, but he might be such a big fan of yours, he turned into you! Now that's freaky!

Vengelyne, you are beautiful just the way you are! Please, oh please don't turn into a stick!

Liz, they don't look as white as copy paper, but they do come close!

Rose DesRochers said...

Al, all joking aside, he is.

Anonymous said...

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