Is Firefox Playing Big Brother?

Dear Al:
Every now and then when I delete my Temporary Internet files after being on the internet for about 15 minutes, System Mechanic finds and erases between 3 to 4GB of these temporary internet files! Where are all these files coming from? All this started right after I upgraded my Firefox browser to the latest version. My firewall (Zonealarm) blocks all programs trying to access the internet except Firefox, is Firefox uploading files to my computer? Is this a security flaw, or is Firefox playing Big Brother?
-- Katja, Germany

Dear Katja:
It's probably . By default, Firefox updates it's self, but you can manually turn that off under options if you're not comfortable with it. Talk to your husband about the 3 to 4GB's of temporary internet files. God help you if he has a thing for !

If you're also using Bill Gate's crapy Internet Explorer, that could be the problem. To see if it is, make the Internet Explorer your default browser for a few days, and if you're still having the same problem, then you found the culprit! Make Firefox your default browser, block the Internet Explorers access to the internet with Zonealarm, and that should do it.

If you're still having the same problem after that, I have nothing else to say except YOU'RE SCREWED!


Vengelyne said...

I like your last sentence! Lol.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

i dont know about yall folks out there but firefox can do no wrong ! for me so far anyway ^_^

Brandon said...

I strongly believe it is Zonealarm. Try Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall. You will not have the problems that Zonealarm give you. The URL is This software is free for personal use only.

Sky high, seek peace,
Brandon Bowers

Dear AL said...

Vengelyne, it's the truth!

lastlifeinmyuniverse, I'm also crazy about Firefox! Bill Gates can kiss my +%&*!

Brandon, thanks for the link!

Matt the Hat said...

With both Internet Explorer and FireFox you can access the options and set the ammount of disk space that the cache can use.

The cache is used (temporary internet files) to hold the html pages and images etc that make up the pages you have looked at so that you don't need for them to download next time.

No one is playing big brother apart from maybe you...

The Stiltwalker said...

hell I don't even know what Firefox is.