What should I do?

Dear Al:
I've been stressing out lately because of my mom and the environment i live in.don't get me wrong, i love my mom to death.but my problem is,that she's mentally ill.i cry almost every night.now we cant do the things like we use to do. and the place where i live is full of drugdealers,thugs,criminals etc. the only reason why we cant move out is that we dont have enough money.kids from other apartments come out everyday to throw sticks at my moms door.i hate them.when i tell them to stop they wont and they cuss back at me.and when i go up to their face, their moms get bitchy about it.my dad goes to work everyday and tries to nurture us the best way he can.what should i do?
-- Meredith, Jacksonville, Florida

Dear Meredith:
If you haven't already, visit the official website of the City of Jacksonville, Florida. They have plenty of resources to help you and your family, just it's a little difficult to find on their site, but I found some info for ya:

* Mental Health Services
* Outreach to Elderly and Disabled Victims

I'm not sure what you could do about those idiotic kids since their parents are lowlifes! Last thing you need is a feud. These morons are not gona be kids forever, and with luck they'll be in prison before they're 25, where they're gona get hit with plenty of sticks! Karma's a bitch!

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, Meredith! Take care of yourself!


Webmiztris said...

damn, that's an actual toughie!

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

keep telling yourself that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. good luck meredith !

esther said...

man, i feel so bad for her. :S things like mental illness aren't well understood and that why it's a social stigma.

ramblings said...

It's a really sad and tough situation, and I sincerely hope that her family recieves some help soon.

It sucks when you can't do anything for people who "really" need the help.

luckysevn said...

Great advice Al... really, really great advice.

beadinggalinMS said...

Great advice.
Good luck Meredith.

just me said...

Great Advice Al. Mental illness is a bitch!

Good luck to you Meredith!