You're No Dear To Me!

Al, who the heck do u think u are anyway?
U are no Dear to me.
If it haven't been for me it hadn't be any happy eastern to celebrate.
-- JudasOnline, Norway

Dear Judas:

Love your English by the way... !


Lisa said...

Hi Al. I just sat here and read that over and over again trying to figure out the english in it. Glad to see I'm not the only one that didn't understand it lol

Cool site, just read down some of the last few posts. I would tell you of my problems, but it could take all day and the post would take up your entire site lol

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh man, this is great. If I ever have a problem, I am writing to you.

(I saw you in the Michele greeting game)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Dear Al...
I was at Michele's and I noticed that you were skipped, ao I hope you don't mind that I decided to comment here so you would NOT be skipped. So, my question is: Is that alright, Al?

Dear AL said...

Lisa, don't know what the hell that joker is talking about! See what crack does!

Jon, just drop me a line! I'll try to be gentle with my response! NOT! ;)

oldoldlady, thanks for stopping by!

Chrissie said...

Here from Michele's
Funny Blog.

mar said...

Dear Al: see, I didn't skip you, you were only quicker than me at Michele's site. Hope blogger is being nicer to you now. No more spam comments from Norway. Have a great day, Michele sent me- but I think you already know that :)

srp said...

Here from Michele.
Blogger seems to be back, at least the comments.
Wow, a Dear Abby column for the computer generation.
What next?

rashbre said...

Dear Al, I see you already have your work cut out, so I won't leave a question. Here today via Michele's.


Dear AL said...

Chrissie, you haven't seen nothing yet!

mar, Blogger is still acting up, but I still love the service, when it freakin works!

srp, is you name short for syrup? Drop me a line!

rashbre, scared? Come on! I wont rip your head off!

Chrissie said...

Sorry about the pop-ups. I usually only get one. You should have a "blocker"!
Anyway - it's either that or pay for "no ads" and right now I'm not paying!
I don't want to switch - I don't want to have to switch over all my history. I kinda like my Tripod site.
Happy Friday

Monika said...


No spaka ingleesh?

just me said...

Poor Dear Al,
Are you getting HATE mail now?

Sweety said...


You have to excuse his English though. He must be like 2000 old!

Sweety said...

2000 YEARS old, that is!

ramblings said...

I love his English too!!

Have a smashing weekend AL

Rose said...

Al, you're dear to me, so wish me a happy birthday dammit!