Looking For A Better Dirty Half!

Darling Dearest Al:
I'm 21. I feel like my biological clock is telling me that it's time to start seriously looking for a "better half". The problem is, the girls in my immediate social circle are not at all interesting to me. I'm at a Theological school you see, and most of the girls are BORING.

Now, I myself am a fairly devout Christian, and hope to find a Christian girl... but not too nice, if you take my meaning. Really, they are boring and cheesy here. I want a girl that can be just a touch rude and nasty with me. I don't know if they're repressed from an overly conservative up-bringing or if they were born that way, but man... anyway, it's rough. I'm praying that God will send a dirty girl my way soon.

Don't actually know what my problem is, but you seem like a helpful guy.
-- ninjaaron, http://ninjasgonewildincph.blogspot.com

Dear ninjaaron:
I bet there are a few closet cases at your school who seem to be boring, but are in need of a freak like you! Look for strategically placed piercings, tongues, eyebrows, bottom lips, but steer clear of the pierced cheeks! Second, every school has their share of day dreamers, be on the look at for these space cadets! And Last, a sure sign of the dirtiest of dirty girls are the ones that stink. She'll rock your world, that's if you don't faint from lack of fresh air! I hope this helped!


Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

come and tell my hundreds of readers why they should be reading your blog

Dear AL said...

OMG! Thank you Datingmaster for gracing me with your presence, and for inviting me to your blog to tell your readers why they should be reading mines! ***PUKE!***

Monika said...


you tell him!

ninjaaron said...

Thanks for the tips Al. I'll keep that in mind. Unfortunately, very few of the girls at my school are pierced and only a few of them smell from time to time, and that is only when they've been sitting in front of a computer screen for a week before the papers are due.

Well, maybe next year God will bring me a nasty ass freshmen. They say he is a good God, after all.

Dear datingmaster,
Your more disgusting than me.

Vengelyne said...

Aaron, I like your taste in women... So different! I'm sure someone that's your cuppa java will come by your way real soon. =)

The Stiltwalker said...

or he could just hook up with one of the instructors. That's still a huge trend these days.

Webmiztris said...

lol - he's going to have to decide between "Christian" and "fun". Personally, I've never someone who was both!

Chuck said...

Bad girls scare me, they always kick my ass!

ms. 92504 said...

gee. I wonder why =P