Tell Me Pope Benedict's Life Is Happening!

Dear Al:
I'm obsessed with Pope Benedict XVI!
Since Benedict became Pope, I've researched everything about him, from his glory days as a Brown Shirt, up until his Popeness. What's troubling me is I think he's bored, since he's surrounded by other boring people, probably counting the cracks on his walls!

Al, please tell me that Pope Benedict's life is happening! I hate to think of his Holiness bored out of his mind!
-- Joe Schmo, Kansas City

Dear Joe:
No way is Pope Benedict's life boring, he's a free wheeling dude!
Besides traveling all over the world, and reading his latest favorite "The Da Vinci Code", he has a personal library of DVD movies to choose from!

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lastlifeinmyuniverse said...



Vengelyne said...


Good gosh!! You're too good in finding video clips to amuse your readers and with themes related to the entry, too. =)

Mr. Universe said...

Al, you will burn in hell for this!

Juliana said...

Oh god.



The Stiltwalker said...

LMAO! Jesus has 'thunder thighs!'

Juliana said...

no no. sexay legs. ;PPP

Webmiztris said...

lmao! wow, did jesus had a bladder problem? I may never get the image of jesus christ in a diaper out of my head! ack!

Lori said...

OMG LMAO that video.

Chuck said...


Jonathan, you're a fruitcake!

Dear AL said...

Last, have to keep my readers happy!

Vengelyne, believe me, it's not easy!

Jonathan, I love you too!

Juliana, breathe... breathe!

Stilt, after getting hit by that bus, I don't think he has to worry about that anymore.

Juliana, control yourself!

Dawn, my bad!

Lori, that's one way to loose weight!

Chuck? I think Jonathan was joking. ***SMACK!***

Mr. Universe said...

Sorry, Al, I'm straight!

Chuck? *SMACK!*

Monika said...


Ben said...

Chuck? -Smack!-

Figure I'll jump on the bandwagon!

Funny ass video, Al!

just me said...

Love the video!!! Sweet!

Monika said...

wait wait

I missed the smackdown...who can I smack?

The Dormitory Boys said...

Smack Chuck, Monika!

You know we love you, Chuck! *Smack!*

Dear AL said...

How about if we just smack some butts?
Monika? ***Slap!*** You're it!

karla said...

That video is so funny I coughed up a couple of organs laughing at it.

I'm going to miss those organs.

Monika said...

*smacks chuck* =) it's with love my darling

AL! Butt slapping huh? *slap* there.

While I'm at it, I can also butt slap the dorm boys *smaaaack* =) that's with love too

The Dormitory Boys said...

Monika, we would smack your ass, but our girlfriends will kill us! But you can smack us all you want! :)

Monika said...

Aww, but that's very understandable.

As long as I can still smack you guys ;) *smack*