I was a childhood friend of Ann Coulter

Dear AL:
I was a childhood friend of Ann Coulter when she had a different name, sex, and personality. I can't believe the monster he has become today!

He (Ann)... yes he was sweet, shy, and insecure, that a small group of children bullied him right up until the end of High School. He vowed to get even with everybody, just didn't think it would be the whole country looking the way he does now! I just can't see him in a dress!

Al, is there anyway to bring back the sweet boy I remember?
-- Anonymous Friend

Dear Anonymous:
You're joking, right? Well, Ann does have flippers for feet.

There's a point of no return, and Ann Coulter has crossed it, right after his sex change operation, so you say. What was his name before? Earl?

***Looking again*** OMG, those feet!

Anyway, anonymous, Earl is never coming back. Stop living in the past!

Update: For my readers who never heard of Ann Coulter, just check out these links:
Ann's Quotes: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Ann_Coulter
About Ann: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Coulter


Webmiztris said...

ugh, I hate her! I mean, him. It?

Monika said...

It's people like coulter who make me happy I'm not american

just me said...

Flippers!!! HAHA!!

Ruth said...

Earl is living her dream. Good on ya, Earl!

pf said...

So who's ann coulter anyway?

Vengelyne said...

I've no idea either who is Ann Coulter. Anyways, I think anonymous friend should be happy for Ann cos he/she/it has found his true self and is happy being who he/she/it is...

boo said...

she is quite pretty but maybe hiding hairy legs under those white tights.

p/s thanks for visiting boobaloo

Chuck said...

I'll do Ann if she shuts the f--k up and keeps her huge hands and feet to herself! Gag!

Dear AL said...

Dawn, what the hell is it?!!!

Monika, adopt me! Please!

Erin, they're huge! She's a freak!

Ruth, you're not serious, are ya?

pf, just read the links I added to the post, if you promise not to destroy your monitor!

Vengelyne, Ann is the daughter Hilter always wanted.

Boo, Ann sure is pretty for a shemale. Thanks for stopping by!

Chuck, you are one sick dude! LOL!

Monika said...

I can't! I have to be 25 before I can adopt.

5 more years Al, 5 more years.

Dear AL said...

Monika, I can't wait 5 more years! The stupidity here is killing me! The doctor says I have 5 more months!

Age already, dammit!

beadinggalinMS said...

eeeww flipper hands!!

Monika said...


maybe if I live in Harry Potter land, I could use that aging potion the Weasly brothers used.

But what if I sprout facial hair like they did?


Chuck said...

I'll still love ya, Monika! What's a little facial hair when loves involved, but if you sprout a beard, forget it!

Monika said...


Don't make me start of on teeth dude!

Mr. Universe said...

Anonymous, you're on crack! Earl is never coming back, you hear me!

Monika, just smack him! Chuck needs a new bridge job!

Monika said...


thank you jon, I forgot about the smacking

Chantel said...

I'm trying to ignore the FemBot however I'm thinking of more drastic measures to get her to go away.

Something with a little "shock and awe" in it.

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