Yahoo's Newly Redesigned Cluttered Homepage!

Dear Al:
What the hell was Yahoo thinking when they redesigned their homepage? Multiple links on their homepage leading to the same content, like the multiple links leading to a featured poker playing chimp? Yahoo's homepage was already cluttered with crap before the redesign, now it's cluttered with annoying scripts, like when your mouse rolls over the email link and opens up a window which first states "loading", then gives you some freakin message! I just want to check my God damn mail!

Yahoo, your new homepage is a freakin mess! Al, school them!
-- Janet, Colorado

Dear Janet:
Yahoo is a loss cause! All the schooling in the world can't help people who lack common sense. In their quest for the big bucks, what does Yahoo give users and advertisers to make up for their new cluttered homepage? A monkey! How sad is that?

Well at least one good thing is coming out of this, Mikey the chimp got featured! How many chimps can say that?


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

yea im not a big fan of the new yahoo homepage... but yet, i do know of people who are in favor of its changes. i personally dont care coz its not a concern for me.

Charles said...

Dear Al & Janet,

We're sorry to hear of your dislike of Yahoo's new homepage. Surveys have shown us that most users find it pleasing to the eye, easier to navigate, an overall better experience.

We believe that in time users like yourself will notice the user friendliness at Yahoo, and realize it was a smart move on our part.

Just wonder how Mikey the chimp got featured? Lucky devil!

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, even if it wasn't sent to us directly! Enjoy your weekend!

Vengelyne said...

That's why I set Google as my default search engine...

However Yahoo! is good for news, entertainment updates, games and etc, though... When I need to check my Yahoo! mails, I type in the mail URL directly.

Webmiztris said...

yahoo sucks! he shouldn't be using anything besides Blingo anyway!

Monika said...

yahoo shmahoo

Google is the place to be =)

The only reason I use yahoo is for their messenger, cause debs, venge, critiq and bailey MADE me (because they don't use msn msg)

The Dormitory Boys said...

Do you Yahoo, Al?

We're use to websites with tons of stuff on it's main page, beats searching for it.

Go Mikey!

The Stiltwalker said...

I must say that new Yahoo! Answers things is quite addictive. Anyone try it?

Tora said...

Hai Al!

Just wanted to say hai.

(nice tie)

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

stilt, i did. i was addicted for about 2 weeks and then the novelty wore off.

luckysevn said...

I really, really, REALLY hate the new homepage... seems like Yahoo gets a bug up it's butt every so often and changes it, but then they switch it back again... what's up with that?

Rose said...

I don't like Yahoo's new page.