Didn't Make The Cut

Dear Al:
Yesterday was tryouts for our community flag football team, but I didn't make the cut. I've been playing this game for ages!
I'm a pro! I did make the mistake of tackling a player during the tryouts, but that can happen to anybody when you're all souped-up! Any idea how I can get these kids to change their minds?
-- Jenkins, New York

Dear Jenkins:
Kids? You must be older than dirt! There's only so many players a team can have on their roster, and if they have their players you're out of luck. Your best bet is to attend the games, because you never know when they might be short a player, then that's your chance to fill in. Just remember one thing, there is no tackling in flag football, at least the way I play it, but if you want an early retirement, keep it up!


The Stiltwalker said...

he must be gay.

Mr. Universe said...

Hey, Al. This is probably a kid writing you, still funny though! LOL!

RC said...

Probably a big fat kid like me! I didn't know we could retire at our age!

Webmiztris said...

or he could arrange an unfortunate "accident" that will take one of the other players out of commission.

hey, I play dirty, al! ;)

Chuck said...

Shit! I wanted to be the first poster!

Dear AL said...

Stilt, no comment!

Jonathan, you might be right.

Rockchild, go ahead and retire!

Dawn, maybe he'll pay ya!

Chuck? ***Smack!***

Monika said...

oh no

the smacking! *runs*

Vengelyne said...

I think he should just forget about it... Either wish them all the best OR pray for them to lose for not picking him. =P

Deepak Gopi said...

nice to mmet you

Dear AL said...

Monika! It's ok! It's ok!

Vengelyne, you're wiser than an owl!

Deepak Gopi, are you on crack? We've never met! Better take more english classes!

Sherry said...

Get some prozac!

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Wait... which football is this??? Football is soccer here!

ramblings said...


Hey there Man, whats shakin Bacon?
Glad to see you haven't lost your touch.

Dear AL said...

Sherry, great to have you back!

RHSP, it's american football without the protection.

Ramblings, about time you stopped by! Where have you been?

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

i tackle people all the time.

Dear AL said...

Last, nice! You can tackle... um... Chuck! Yes, tackle Chuck as often as you wish!