When Should Girls Offer To Pay On A First Date?

Dear Al:
I've never had a boyfriend, and I'm embarrassed to ask my friend this:

When should girls offer to pay on a first date?
--Verrgin Geek =P , Australia

Dear Verrgin:
Not today... not tomorrow... Never! Guys want to pick up the tab, and by you insisting on paying, a guy will take this as a sign that you're not interested in them, or you're retarded. Most females who lose interest in a guy, pay, so they don't feel like they used them. So don't you ever offer to pay, unless you're in a tight relationship with someone.
Hopefully not another Kevin Federline!

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Webmiztris said...

cool, I like that answer!

Vengelyne said...

Some guys prefer girls to go dutch, though. So it's less heavy on their wallet.

I always go dutch if I know that it's not going to happen with that dude and just so that I don't owe him anything.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

this is sad... but i dont mind paying for the guy. no kiddin.

dont bother. im taken.

Chuck said...

You can still pay for me, Last! I don't mind!

Sherry said...

Great advice Al!

Monika said...


I'm like venge...I go dutch. Or you pay one time, and I'll pay the next.

My guy always wants to pay for everything...Like last week we went out, and he flatly refused to let me pay for a thing. But this weekend I had a dinner party, paid for all the food, cooked it, and bought a bottle of wine for us. Everyone else brought something, but I didn't tell him that they were. That way I could pay him back, in a different way.

Titania said...

If its a date, he should pay--and you should let him. If its going out as friends, you should pay your own way.