Give Your Former Employer The Finger

Dear Al:
I started a new blog where people can submit pictures of themselve standing in front of an old place of employment giving it the finger, along with a story of why their former employer deserves the finger. How long should I wait for people to start submitting stuff before shutting it down? Do you think it will go anywhere?
-- Planeswalker,

Yo Planeswalker:
You're not paying for this blog, so why shut it down? It's a great idea!

Blogs don't become popular over night, it takes time. One way to get noticed right away is to create a video to promote it of people giving the finger to former employers (minus the employers name or logo so you wont get sued for Copyright infringement) while stating how they feel in few words as possible like "You suck!", "You can shove those $6", "Flip your own damn burgers!", "FUCK YOU!!!", ending it with "Give your former employer the finger!" " and a link to your blog, then post it on YouTube!

No! I wasn't voicing personal resentment above of a former employer!
You people!

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I'm gone said...

Thanks... I'm glad you have a brain. Sometimes mine doesn't work!

Dear AL said...

No problem, Planes! Good luck with the blog!

Rose said...

Great idea for a new blog. :)

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

that sounds like it would be a pretty cool blog!

ps. is the middle finger in that pic freakingly long, or am I imagining things? lol

ramblings said...

I would do it, and not to a former employer, to a place that I had three interviews, then they didn't even have the decency to call me back and let me know that they'd hired someone else after I asked to be notified either way.

Anyway, hey AL!! I'm back!! For good. Yippee!! I know, your exstatic, I can tell.

This guy needs to go visit other blogs also to get people back to his.

ramblings said...

I spelled Ecstatic wrong!!!

Don't point it out, I beat you to it.

Sweety said...

Great idea!

Dayngr said...

I love it when people surf over to you through my blog... muahahahaha

Ang Peregrino said...

great idea! i'd put your blog in my list. lol.