Putting Out More Than The Average Married Woman

Dear AL:
I'm certainly no prude but I have a friend who, let's just say, is putting a little more out there on the internet than the average married woman normally would.
She's the talk of the town and it is only a matter of time before her husband finds out. She's my friend and she doesn't seem too concerned. Should I be concerned for her or just forget it? -- Not A Prude

Dear Prude:
I mean, Dear Not!

Sounds like your friend is bored at home, unhappy with her marriage, or is addicted to Half-Nekkid Thursday "HNT", which isn't a bad thing unless her husband finds out. Talk to your friend, let her know you're concerned, right after you send me the link to her blog! ;)

Wifey, I'm just kidding!

This is gona be my last bit of advice for a while. I removed the email form from the sidepanel. Thanks for reading my blog and your submissions people! Take care!

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Ben said...

Al, you are gona share that link to her friends blog once you get it, right?

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Stopping blog too????

Paul F. said...

Say it ain't so, Al, say it ain't so....I always enjoy your blog, sir.

Rose said...

Sorry to see you go Al.:(

b o o said...

enjoy your break. come back soon.

Monika said...

al what the hell?

you bitched about my hiatus and now you're taking one? *sobs*

Webmiztris said...

i almost feel bad for those women who post all kinds of pics of their tits on their blogs. what a desperate cry for attention.

ANYwho, keep us up to date on what you're moving onto next, al!!

ramblings said...

Well Hell! I will miss your advice, but I do understand.

I hope it doesn't mean your done blogging. I'd miss you too much.

Vengelyne said...

Who's going to make funny and sarcastic comments in my blog now that you're going off??? Men, when you start liking them (not romantically in this sense for you, Al), they start running. Ptooi!

Lori said...

Just when I needed some advice....LOL....NOT!!!

Have a great break from blogging!!!

Love AL said...

Damn it AL, you bastard ! Screw you guys I'm going home.

Love, AL

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

your kiddin me..