Religious Freak in My Families Business!

Yo AL:
There's this religious fanatic living next door that's always in my families business.
She's watches us like a hawk, quotes the Bible to us almost everyday, and gives us dirty looks. A few days ago she thought I was having an affair when she saw me with my sister.
She sneaked into our house, saw us and said "You're both gona burn in hell!"

Al, what can I tell this nut to get her off our backs?
-- Brian, Kentucky

Yo Brian:
Fuck off bitch! Not you... her!

On second thought, don't tell her that. She might pull a Carrie's mom on your ass!

Get a restraining order agains't her, and when you catch her staring, moon her!


Love AL said...

hold On!

She sneaked into your house???

Thats has to fall under one of those "THO SHALL NOT" rules.

Love AL,

Trish said...

OMG! I would move the hell out of dodge if I lived next to a nut like that!

Rose said...

Brian are you joking? I would give her really something to talk about. LOL

Paul F. said...

I'd go with plan "A" myself. Then go inside, open up all the doors and windows and crank up the raunchiest porno you got.

b o o said...

welcome back, sorry i missed it :) i love stephen king!

ramblings said...

She needs her ass kicked is what she needs.

I would do that, and then say it was self-defense.

But I'm actually in agreement with you on this Al.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

uhh.. what i wanna know is what you and your sis were doin when she thought your both havin an affair 0_o

Webmiztris said...

wait until she trespasses again and shoot the bitch!

Dayngr said...

A few days ago she thought I was having an affair when she saw me with my sister.
She sneaked into our house, saw us and said "You're both gonna burn in hell!"

Um, exactly what were you and your sister doing when she snuck into the house to make that type of an exclamation? Cause if you were in the middle of a sex act I could see where she might get that idea. LOL

Brian said...

Thanks everybody for your advice, but we're gona go with a restraining order and a dog.

Brian said...

Last, dayngr, she's my sis! We was just having coffee when the nut walked in like it was her house! When she said you're gona both burn in hell, my sis burned me with her coffee when she started to choke. I then told the nut to get the fuck out of our house, so she walked out backwards holding a cross like we was vampires.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

having coffee!? okay that chicks a total prude. she needs to get laid.

Sweety said...

I'd totally get a restraining order. She sounds scary!

bigwhitehat said...

Brian live next to my Sister in law?