How can I stop myself from driving him away?

Dear AL:
Me and my husband have been married for over a year, together for about 5, but we've been having problems. I call him almost everyday at work, and at times I search through his things looking for phone numbers, but he never done anything wrong. Sometimes when he goes to work I follow him in my own car pretending to go shopping. I just can't let him out of my sight! My friends and his tell me to give him breathing room, but I'm afraid he will find someone else. He's thinking about leaving me, so I'm thinking about doing something crazy like getting myself pregnant since he's Christian and believes that children should have both parents for better or worse, but I hope things will get better. Since my ex-boyfriend cheated dozens of times behind my back, I'm so paranoid with my husband. I don't want to trap him, but I never had anyone like him before, but feel like I have no other choice.

How can I stop myself from driving him away?
-- Cynthia, Florida

Dear Cynthia:
If you don't stop making your husband pay for what your ex-boyfriend did to you, you're gona be a single parent if you try to trap him, no matter what family values he preaches. You might even drive him to cheat behind your back, think about that. Drop the binoculars, give him his space, and seek some professional help.

Look, your ex-boyfriend is history and so is your husband if you continue doing this to him. Give the guy a break and everything will be ok.

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ramblings said...

What, has this woman not read any magazines, the news, what?
Lots of Men and Women have been cheated on, and they've survived without turning into a total Spazz.

Let it go, or your Hubby is going to take a hike and never return. Then you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Hey Al, hows tricks been?

TheTorch said...

Maybe you should get a pocket Ouija Board and contact Elvis for an answer.

Webmiztris said...


Monika said...

um can you say


you give women a bad name, GET YOURSELF A STRAIGHT JACKET