Major Technorati site flaw penalizing members

For almost a week I've been baffled why Technorati has been ignoring my pings, and then it dawned on me why the last time I pinged them. Seconds after pinging Technorati using their ping form, I logged off of Technorati's ping page resulting in that page refreshing and pinging them again. Technorati penalized me for returning me back to their ping page when I logged out!

Now some readers probably say that I should have known better, but it shouldn't be the fault of Technorati users that Technorati doesn't take it's users to it's home page when you sign out from the ping page instead of refreshing the ping page.

It states on the ping page to bookmark this page and return to it to notify Technorati of updates, so you know thousands have been penalized for signing out right after they pinged them, which makes me wonder if this site flaw is being purposely overlooked to save on bandwidth.

Incase you're all wondering, I haven't notified Technorati about their site flaw. Since their site flaw penalized me, I'm penalizing Technorati by letting the world know first about this problem! Payback is a bitch!


Ben said...

Dude! You don't release a major tech story like this over a holiday weekend! You should have waited until Tuesday!

God-dam, AL! You should have known better!

You're not a Republican, are ya?

Webmiztris said...

I ping through Blogrolling's site. it works great! I think. :D

ramblings said...

You go Al!!

I think that's probably a good idea.
Thanks for the info on all the cat stuff I was dealing with. I appreciate it a lot.

Hope you have a great week.