Should I wait or do a one nighter?

Dearest AL:
I am a virgin. Should i wait for a quality boyfriend, or jus do a one nighter with this guy friend?
-- Horny but got pride, Australia

Dear Horny:
Wait! That one nighter may screw up your chances of meeting mister right, specially if you get pregnant, catch a venereal disease, or get branded a Ho! Like most women, but not all, guys talk alot of shit too. He may be your friend, but if he's a closet virgin, you can bet your ass he's gona tell the world about you and his big penis. *Cough* Next thing you know, these guys will put you on a level with Paris Hilton, and call you Firecrotch! Now do you want that?

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Webmiztris said...

she doesn't mention if she's 8 and still a virgin or 40 and still a virgin. that information really

TheTorch said...

Life is short...go for the Gusto!

Anonymous said...

yes sir Al!
(i am 19)

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

mmm web's right... i would wait.