Totally incapable of enjoying my dates

Dear Al:
We broke up some 7 months ago. Her dad was diagnosed with cancer and he wanted her settle down before he dies. He is allergic to medicines so there is no real chance of him surviving. She comes from a very traditional family and the age gap of 8 years isnt appreciated (me being younger). That being said, we still love each other but her family comes first to her.

Now the problem is, I cannot seem to get over her.I tried dating other women but I felt like i was cheating her! I tried telling myself that was stupid but my stupid mind would not listen. I also felt like I was cheating the women i went out with cos I am still in love with another woman.

My friends say and i believe that the best way to get over somebody is to start dating others. But I find myself totally incapable of enjoying my dates with this guilt feeling. I cant really tell them that i am still in love with other woman, can i? And if I stop seeing others for now, I think I am just going to extend this painful period further! I know I have to stop thinking too much but how?

Yo Anonymous:
***Smack!*** Pull yourself together!

Look dude/dudette, have you ever thought about waiting? How would you feel while watching your father croak your love was dating others? He probably kicked the bucket, so she's in mourning while you're trying to forget her. Be a man and wait for her!

Your friends are morons! The last thing you should be doing is going on dates. You're wasting you're time as well as those girls, but if your friends get you to go on a few, telling a woman you're dating about a past love is the biggest mistake you can make, because her first thought will be "What the fuck are you doing, stupid?" right before excusing herself to the ladies room, never to return.

Hangout with your friends and tell them how you feel when you feel like talking about her, but not while they're trying to get some ass. Keeping things bottled up will lead to depression and watching Oprah, resulting in you're friends distancing themselves from you when they discover you're a member of her book club. Seeking professional help will prevent this fate!

You know, she could have also been bullshiting ya. She either got sick of being your mommy, or still had strong feelings for a love before you, and managed to hook up again with this person granting her dads last wish, but I could be wrong. I hope this helped!


TheTorch said...

True love is hard to find....
It might be right there in the palm of your hand.

Anonymous said...

you are right. but i was just afraid i would blame myself later in my life for not trying to get over her.
i know it was harder for her than it was for me. and no, there arent any past loves or getting sicks. it might be hard for me if there were but atleast it would be easy for her! anyways, thanks man! i heard from you what i wanted to. i will wait.