I should stop thinking about him

Dear Al:
I can't get over this guy colleague/friend I hooked up with one drunken night. He's this handsome jerk and I should stop thinking about him... should stop relating every love song lyric to him... I dont know how to be when I see him in lectures... on facebook...
-- Silly Girl

Dear Silly:
Just be Yourself!

Even if you look like Vera De Milo, I'm sure he'll still accept you. You two hooked up one night!

Oh... forgot... you two were drunk.


cathouse teri said...

You seem like you are totally helping so many people! *cough*

Seriously, though, how did you "discover" my blog?

Good to see you, by the way, and thanks so much for the kind consideration.

Dear AL said...

Teri, I just been hoping around from blog to blog, that's all.

You're welcome!

Dan said...

Judging by these photos, I think only HE was drunk.

Hey. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. That rocked.

Dear AL said...

Yo dude! Your blog rocked, know what I'm sayin'. Do ya? Huh... huh...

Um... maybe he was drunk in love.

Nice to meet you, Dan.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

So...your saying because he was drunk, he musta thought she was "ok" looking enought to bang, and now he thinks she looks like Chewbaca?

yes..I can see that..

everyone is better looking after 10 or 20 drinks;)

my advice..

*get him drunk again, see if he will sleep with u again*


Webmiztris said...

*sigh* oh yes, handsome jerks will get ya every time!

Scarlet said...

Stay away from college guys and when you get drunk, laugh and have a good time, but keep your panties on!