I really need u to tell me!

Dear AL:
Really need your advice on this and the story is long!!! I am from Hong Kong but currently working in C----. Last week, I met this journalist who tried to ask the company I worked in for an interview, but got rejected. Before he left, he gave me his business card and then I found out that he was from the same news agent that I used to work in when I was in HK!! (is it a sign?)

Anyway, he called me later and asked me out for a drink, that was follow by lunch the next day and dinner 2 days later..I had a great time chating with him but I am not sure if he likes me or not since he didn't really ask me much about myself and he didn't give me any hints that he is interested in me. What should I do ? Should I just give up? And also there is one problem, he and I are working in different parts of C----, so don't think we can meet that often....

Pls Pls... I really need u to tell me if I would have a chance with this guy or not! -- Sherry, C----
(location censored for your own safety due to your situation)

Dear Sherry:
He tries to interview your company, gets rejected, gives you his card, you go with him on dates, and not once did he ask you about yourself. Whoa! That's a sign or right! A sign that he could have been using you to get information about the company you work for, or just interested in your shoes.

He's a journalist, and if he was really interested in you, he would have probed your life like a major story, but he didn't like you said. He probably talked a little about his job, so you would open about where you work, to which he gradually drilled you with questions about you company, while trying to keep it casual. Even if I'm wrong about this, just going out with a journalist who tried to interview your company just doesn't look good.

If he writes a story, this could cost you your job, right in the middle of the C----.
I could be wrong, but to be sure, I need more information about what you both talked about on your dates, but no company name, and nothing about what your company does for your own safety. Write to me using the same form you used on the right, but don't send your email. I'll only write back to you here.

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