He doesn't have sentimental values

Dear AL:
My husband is a good man, but he doesn't have any sentimental values. He's thrown out stuff he's had as a kid, like an easel his grandmother gave him when he was a teenager 30 years ago. His easel broke, so instead of fixing it since it was fixable, he threw it out and brought a new one. You know how I feel about his lack of emotional associations that most people have about things? I'm afraid his desk might be next that I brought for his birthday 10 years ago!
-- Meagan, Canada

Dear Meagan:
He'll probably just throw out the lamp.


brendalove@gmail.com said...

How am I ever going to get my house cleaned out now???

Dear AL said...

Just throw out everyone else's stuff except yours. Easy!

Kate Michele said...

God I keep so little... hmmm. I may have nightmares now... thanks.

Dear AL said...

You're welcome, kate.

RHSPapa aka The Sane said...

Don't let my mom sees this ad!!! All the more, she will not let me throw things.. she's a keeper!

My mom would not even let me throw her spoilt fan! She would 'let it go' when the time comes. That time has not come!!!

I have to nag as in NAG NAG NAG. Who's the parents now?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I threw out some old makeup and I swear the mascara wand was weeping.