Don't want to make a mariburjeka out of myself

Dear AL:
Last year you gave me advice about a girl I was interested in, but like my friends said, and you, she was a dude. There's this other girl that works at this club that seems to like me. Now she's not performing on stage, so she has to be female. Everytime I come through the door, she always smiles and says hi before taking me to my table. My friends are not 100% sure this time if she's a man, and seem to think she's hot, which is a good sign. Al, I want to chance it and ask her out, but don't want to make a mariburjeka out of myself. What would you do in my shoes?
-- Matt, California

Yo Matt:
Get the fuck out!

Not sure how you can think there's any females in that club. 99.9% of everyone in there are males, dudes, salami packers! Now either you and your friends are morons, or deep down you want to get planted. Your friends are probably gay, which is not bad. They just see that you're not sure of your own sexuality, specially since you're interested in these men... I mean girls... whatever... I bet your friends don't want to really hook you up with someone from that club. They're just testing the grounds before they grab your ass, or d---!

If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't be in that club in the first place, but since your shoes are already through the door, I suggest you straight up ask that girl if she's a guy or not. Fred's brother could be working their!

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Try it out. You might like it, you never know.