Visual Basic is unstandardized crap for a reason

Dear AL:
I have to get this off my chest. I've been using Microsoft Visual Basic for years, but no more! Their latest version, Visual Basic 6 .NET produces slow applications, wont upgrade programs written in previous versions, and software written with it becomes inoperable when you update to the latest Windows version, or the latest Internet Explorer.

The reason being why Visual Basic wont ever become standardized is because Microsoft wont be able to sell new versions of Windows if it has to stay compatible with previous versions of this software. Microsoft can't make money with Windows updates, so they create new Windows versions from scratch, not caring if it's compatible with anything written for previous versions.

God I'm so mad! Visual Basic was my livelihood, but now my coding is obsolete! I don't have the time to learn the new version! F--k!
-- Bhargyaraj, India

Yo Bhargyaraj:
I guess no one will be outsourcing jobs to you anytime soon.

Funny, your name means Lord of Luck in India. Buddha must've been kidding.

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Cynnie said...

that letter could have been written in hindi for all i understood