He stopped wearing his flag pin

Dear AL:
Since forever everyone where I work have been wearing flag pins, that's up until a few weeks ago. They stopped wearing it like it was out of style. Me and a friend of mine continued to wear it, but he stopped wearing his as of today. What the hell is this country coming too? A true patriot loves his country and the American flag! This is all Obama's fault! What can I do to make them see that by wearing it we would know where their hearts stands when it comes to our country?
-- Joan, New York

Dear Joan:
If you need to wear a flag pin to show your a true patriot, you're a freakin' idiot! Love for your country starts in the heart, not a flag pin, but if you need to be reminded when you look in the mirror, keep yours on. Not everyone is blessed with a functional brain to express their patriotism, so we'll understand.

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