Schools in! CERN's LHC safety report for the masses

LHC CMS detectorDear AL:
If you been keeping track of the news, CERN's provided a safety report of the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator, but doom-sayers continue to state it will destroy the world. It's all crazy talk! From micro black holes imploding Earth, to hypothetical Strangelets converting all matter to strange matter in a runaway fusion process.

First off, if the LHC does create micro black holes, they wont gravitate towards the Earths core. They will simply evaporate due to the Hawking Radiation theory, calculated by one of the smartest persons in the world, Stephen Hawking. CERN wouldn't be going through with this experiment if they didn't believe in it. There is no room for 404 (error for you dummies) at CERN.

AL - Stephen Hawking is my hero, even when he errors. But hey, I'm sure his theory is not completely wrong. Go CERN!

Collisions at the LHC is as safe as clapping hands. Those hands (protons) will create pretty hot particles when they collide, more than 100,000 times hotter than the suns core, which is equivalent to the energy produced by a mosquito in flight, so there's nothing to worry about.

AL - Mosquitos... hmm... No crazy talk there.

Cosmic rays have been hitting Earth for billions of years with energy the LHC could never match, and we're still here. Every square centimeter of Earth gets hit by these cosmic rays. You can't twitch a muscle without getting hit. And no micro black holes or whatever have destroyed the world. So these protons speeding towards each other close to light speed till they collide is exactly what's happening in nature, meaning the world will still be here.

AL - Can't twitch a muscle? Dude, if the LHC mimics nature, I have to be moving at light speed. And all this time I've wasted my money at a gym! Stupid me.

With the proof above that the LHC is safe, these doomsday attention whores continue with their fear mongering. CERN is using the LHC to recreate the conditions after the Big Bang to answer a few questions, and they're not going through with this because they spent billions on the machine, or the Nobel prize in physics which they rightly deserve. They're going through with this for the betterment of science, and the facts of their LHC safety report.

Al, I'm not asking for advice, just for you to post this message on your blog to school the masses, that's all. Your thoughts on the matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
-- Dedicated, France

Dear Dedicated:
If you read this far, you know my thoughts on the matter. You sure schooled them!

Hope you don't mind the hyper links I've added to your message. Always back your words up with facts. Have a nice day! :)

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Ben said...

Why do I get the feeling CERN sheep will avoid this topic.