He obviously wants to meet me

Dear AL:
So I have been chatting to this guy online for months. He lives in another country and he is moving to the same city as me. I'm extremely nervous because he obviously wants to meet me. I am not the most attractive person, and I just don't want to get rejected. Should I pass on the date, take someone with me to take off the pressure, or go and take my chances? -- J

Dear J:
I hate to be the one to have advised you to your own death, but since you've obviously want to meet him, I say bring a friend along. Since you're worried about rejection, maybe you should do a little cam to cam with him. Better to get rejected online than him standing you up because he got a good look at you from a distance. Hell, he might be butt ugly, but I hope you would give him a chance.

Meet at a public place a few times to get a feel for him. If all of a sudden he asks for your help in recovering money that needs to be transfered to your account, asks for money, or if you could go to his country for whatever, RUNAWAY! Chances are he doesn't plan on staying in your country longer than a weeks if that's the case. Sounds fishy that he's moving to your state. Don't get scammed!

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Tracie said...

umm.. DITTO! and a background check wouldn't be bad either!!!!