My employee spreads lies about coworkers

Dear AL:
I have this employee (relative) that does nothing but complain. Since her fear of customers and boredom, she spreads lies about her coworkers, trying to prevent them from doing their jobs so they stay by her side. What can I tell her to straighten her out?
-- Diana, Texas

Dear Diana:
Tell her to STFU!

From the sounds of it, she's probably older than dirt, and it's no ones fault she can't handle the job. Tell her to get with the program or you will give her walking papers. If she continues, without hesitation, put her out to pasture! Be strong or you will lose good workers because her. Screw it if it's your mother!

KW's: hostile work environment


Heather said...

actually, that's my whole town right there. People get bored and they just start running there mouths and spreading lies because their bored....

Tracy said...

STFU is such a great response for anything.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Not necessarily older -- there's a woman in our office who does the same thing. There's one of those jerks in almost every office, sadly.

Nothing spoils a workplace quicker than a bored gossip...

The Hawg!