My breast implants are crooked. Nipple out of place!

Dear AL:
Not long ago I got myself breasts implants, and from day one I noticed they're uneven. One boob is lower than the other and a nipple is out of place! An inch and a half higher and my nipple would be under my chin! The plastic surgeon told me that it was normal after surgery and that it would correct itself, but they haven't! I have to wear padding to make my breasts look level, but then one looks smooth while the other one is perky. Just pointing to my face!

I want to see another plastic surgen to fix this, but my breasts are under warranty. I'm afraid the surgen who implanted them will mess up again, but at the same time a new surgeon could make matters worse. What should I do?
-- Molly, California

Dear Molly:
Return your boobies! More than likely the surgeon who done your implants will mess up again, or he might get lucky leveling your breasts, but your nipples might end up cockeyed.

If your breasts are under warranty like a Michelin tire, return them and get a full refund. Don't forget to get the before photos so the next surgeon could restore your rack back to what they were before, that's unless you want to chance augmentation again. Just a few words of warning... Implants wear after a few years and you will be back for a tune-up, but more than likely a clean-up. A nipple staring you dead in the eye will be the least of your worries. Think about your health!

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