How do you welcome a new Blogger?

Yes, this welcome post is different, but somebody had to write it!
How do you normaly welcome a new blogger (myself) to the Blogging community? Do you just drop by and say "hi", and never return until your next life? Or do you throw out the welcome mat and tell your blog friends about this new blogger?

You're probably thinking "Who the hell are you that I should be telling my friends?", well if you give me a sec I'll tell ya! Sheesh!

My name is Alfonso Luciano Furtado... stop laughing! I created this blog to spread my wisdom to help others with everyday problems,
like Dear Abby. Go ahead, roll your eyes! Wifey has been giving me that all day!

That's basically it, people drop me an email about their problems, I'll solve it and post it on this blog, and if they're a blogger I'll link the post to their blog, and you comment below it if you like, and if you want to know more about me, read my post below.

Ok, that's about it, but more to come in the near future.

Welcome to my blog!
Be great if you can tell your friends about my services, but not my initials, ALF!


Webmiztris said...

hey, cool, you DO have a blog... I feel special being the only one blogrolled! lol...and your disclaimer below your blogroll cracked me up. I'm one of those people with a huge blogroll, but I'm a total bitch about it. I blogroll anyone who comments at least every so often, but if they stop leaving comments, they're cut!!! I'm constantly cutting people!



Dear AL said...

Are you calling me a bitch? Nice way to welcome a new blogger! Thanks! :)

Who ever leaves a comment on my blog better comment everyday like it's a holiday, but if not then I guess I'll settle for once every so often. See Dawn, I'm not a total bitch!

Nice to see you here!

Amber said...

Welcome, oh wise one! I will be back...

Rose DesRochers said...

I promise I'll return. I need a laugh. LOL