Blogger 101, Dawn (aka Webmiztris)

Today readers we're gona learn about
Dawn (aka Webmiztris).

Dawn is a friend, a very beautiful unrefined sarcastic blogger, that when she states
"I doubt he say it go in", you better believe it! Because when she doubts he say it, she doubts he say it! That's how it's gona be, no corrections!

No... no... Dawn is not handicap! She just doubts he say it go in, that's all!

If you want to learn more about Dawn, and what she doubts he say,
go visit her blog! But be careful, Dawn could rub off on ya, then you be doubting he say it too!

Dawn's Blog: Tiny Voices In My Head <--Explains everything, but visit her anyway, and maybe you'll be my next victim subject for Blogger 101!


ramblings said...

Gross-ning! I hate when bugs fly in my mouth, and I don't care who the hell sees, it's getting the hell out right then and there, with lots of spitting and cussing.

Trudy Booty Scooty said...

LOL :) Fun post! (waves at Dawn)

Webmiztris said...

lol! I don't care what you saw....I can help it if I'm dyslexic. ;)

netchick said...

Aw, that's mean ;)

Here from Michele's!

srp said...

Here from Michele.
Ah, the new "Dear Abby" just Dear Al instead.

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

I say I here from MIchele.

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

Shite, shoulda said "hear" from Michele. Next time. Next time.

nyasha said...

I am scarred (no wait: scared) already of what could happen to me.... as the potential next victim. Better spell check every post before posting, huh?