Blogger 101, Jessica & Trudy

Welcome to another course of Blogger 101!

Today's class we're gona learn about Jessica and Trudy w/The Dancin Booty, two bloggers who haven't posted an entry on their blogs in almost a week! WTF!

Jessica's husband has been gone for almost 3 months, but he's back. I guess she probably squeezed him so tight, she broke her fingers, and thinks she can't blog! But that's no excuse, use your toes!

Trudy's last entry on her blog "Sweet Savory Tart" was a recipe, and her last sentence was "You'll love me for this recipe", Translated "Hope this recipe keeps you fools busy stuffing your faces while I take a break from blogging"! If I eat another Ripe Pear and Crisp Apple with Bleu Cheese, I think I'm gona throw-up! Trudy, get your ass back on the keyboard! Please!

If you want to learn more about these AWOL bloggers, Jessica & Trudy, go visit their blogs, and maybe you'll be my next victim subject for Blogger 101!


Webmiztris said...

maybe trudy's dancing booty is all clogged up - that's why I don't eat bleu cheese!!

Tracy said...

If I can type with my toes, Jessica has no excuse!

Hey Al! Here I am!

Mr. Universe said...

Hey! Maybe they're busy! Ever thought about that? Al, there's a thing called a life, you should give it a try!

I still can't believe what you told the guy in the entry before!

Tracie B. said...

i think a couple of days of blockage is an acceptable outcome for the joy of the cheese...

Chuck said...

After the shit I've been through today, this is gona be the last blog I'm posting on tonight. AL, I'll visit them tomorrow. Promise!

Jonathan, stop being an arse!

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

dear Al,
I've been lurking when I have a spare minute. Does that count?

barefoot_mistress said...

Deal Al, Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I had to get up early today because I have a tax appointment at 11 am. I haven't even started gathering my papers together....

And now, there are about 1000 ants in my kitchen sink and another 1000 in my bathtub.

Should I ignore the taxes and clean up the ants? Or, should I ignore the ants and get the taxes ready?

Dear AL said...

Dawn, here-here! Bleu cheese just gives me the shits!

Tracy, OMG, you're here! Everybody say hi to Tracy, before I ban her IP! ;)

Jonathan, are you on your period?

Tracie B., if I had a couple of days of blockage, you wont find it acceptable, believe me! *fart*

Chuck, I can defend myself, thank-you! *smack*

Jessica, as long as you lurk my blog, you're excused!

barefoot_mistress , sorry I'm late with my response! I'm not sure what you did this morning, but hopefully you was able to get rid of the ants and still get your taxes done, because if you haven't they'll be both trying to get a piece of your ass!

beadinggalinMS said...

Hey Al will check them out later, I am on my way to buy some new tires. Wanted to drop by and say I am ok to answer your comment you left me the other day.
later gater...

Trudy Booty Scooty said...


I've just been busy cleaning the pee of my chair from laughing at your blog, silly man! :)

No're right...shoot...I have bloggers block....and not the kind Dawn the cheese hater was referring to. lol

Dawn, if I added rum and an umbrella would it sound better to you? lol

barefoot_mistress said...

Dear Al,

Ants drowned, taxes prepped and ready to take to 11 am appt, and it's just 9:45 am, not bad, eh?