Why Didn't The Emmy Awards Pull The Plane Crash Skit?

Dear Al:
I just can't believe it! As of last night I will no longer watch the Conan O'Brien show! That dumbass played in a skit on the Emmy awards show where he's involved in a plane crash, hours after an actual plane crash in Kentucky killing all aboard! Why didn't the Emmy awards show executive producer, Ken Ehrlich, pull the plane crash skit?

Al, what the fuck is wrong with these people at NBC?
-- Joe, Lexington, Kentucky

Dear Joe:
Fuckin' NBC has to make a buck somehow, and what better way than to air a skit on the Emmy awards involving a plane crash, right after an actual plane crash!

I'm sure Conan O'Brien would have pulled the prerecorded skit from being aired if he could, but he's not the one producing the show.

Ken EhrDICK (Producer), you've done a heck of a job! Hope it's your last!

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Jerome said...

I think NBC could have pulled it. It was laziness.

Lori said...

NBC should have pulled it.

Webmiztris said...

i'm sick of hearing about it.

katelyn said...

you may be sick of hearing about it, but i had a friend on that plane. it's reality. get used to hearing it.

Paul F. said...

NBC sucks major ass.

Dayngr said...

It could be worse, istead of Ken EhrDICK it could have been Sumner F*cking Redstone (see: http://www.bestweekever.tv/2006/08/24/exclusive-toms-secret-memo-from-viacom/)