Dear Abby's Humor is Dry As Toast!

Dear AL:
I'm a huge fan of Dear Abby! I've been reading her column for ages before she changed her hairstyle. She looks 20 years younger!
My problem is over past few years I've noticed that Dear Abby's writing style has changed, and her humor is as dry as toast. What gives?
-- Gladis, Utah

Dear Gladis:
Maybe Pauline Phillips (Dear Abby) is sick of joking around because she never fulfilled her life long dream... being a stand-up comic. Pauline use to tell some zingers back in her day. In college she was voted most likely to team-up with Abbot and Costello... but she knew the world wasn't ready for another Abbot, so she worked various jobs until she started her Dear Abby column in 1956 that she wrote until 2002. That's right! Pauline is not writing Dear Abby anymore, her daughter Jeanne Phillips is.


Personally, I think Jeanne Phillips is doing a great job as Dear Abby, but that doesn't mean I'm taking her off my arch nemesis list!


ramblings said...

Heehee, you are too much sometimes Al.

Hows it going?

Webmiztris said...

it surprises me how many people don't know this fact. don't people realize Dear Abby would be like a zillion years old if it were still the same lady after all these years?