Everyone makes mistakes, even Wee Shu Min

Dear AL:
Not long ago I made the mistake of speaking my mind. I told some old guy to stop bitching, leeching off our government resources, and to basically get off his ass. Now everybody from Singapore to around the world hates my guts.

Al, I'm really a nice person. Is their anyway I can make people see that I'm not the bitch they think I am? Everyone makes mistakes!
-- Wee Shu Min, Singapore

Dear Bitch... I mean Wee Shu Min:
I read what you wrote to him on Wikipedia, genius. You're so fucked!

I also believe people should do more to help themselves, but when a person is down on their luck, you don't step on them! How can a person learn a new profession or start a business when they're dirt poor? Can you answer that sherlock?

If you want everyone to get off your back, reopen your blog and post a video apology. Your a big girl with tough words, right? Don't turn chicken shit now!

Wee Shu Min, if you didn't write me, you're still a bitch. Have a nice day!

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lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

wow. i didnt even know this happened and i live here. bah. who cares.

Li said...

Shu Min, you're one dumb bitch!