He shoveled his snow into my driveway

Dear Al:
My next door neighbor is an asshole! Shortly after I shoveled heavy snow off my long driveway into the street, my neighbor whos driveway is next to mine shoveled his snow into my driveway. When I confronted him before he could drive away in his mini van, he said he'll clean it up later and drove off. 10 hours later, the dickhead is home and he hasn't done shit! Al, what's the quickest to kill him?
-- Nelly, American in London

Dear Nelly:
Since this guy has a mini van, he must be married, so the next time you see him with his wife, say thanks for the massage, then run for your life so she doesn't kill you too.

About your driveway, park in his. Problem solved!

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1 comment:

Webmiztris said...

good advice! or that shovel can serve two purposes too, ya know.