Leading up to Archie (Comics) Veronica's wedding... SPOILER ALERT!!!

Dear AL:
I have recently (belatedly, unfortunately) heard that Archie of Archie Comics fame is marrying Veronica! I know that somehow, the story will progress in a manner that will return the characters to status quo but the suspense is driving me crazy. Help!

(I know, you're probably thinking that I'm a loser.)
-- Archie-Comics-Crazy

Dear Crazy:
Nah... I'm not thinking that. Lots of kids read Archie. But if you're an adult male reading this, you're definitely a dweeb.

Anyway, upon research... ***SPOILER ALERT*** from what I've pieced together, out of fear of losing her chance to be with Archie after High School graduation, Veronica toned down her rich girl attitude enough to win him over. Archie then fears he might lose the new Veronica after summer when she explains her future plans away from Riverdale, so he proposes to her, and she accepts. Leading up to the wedding, Betty tries to get help from Jughead. Jughead tries to talk to Archie, but Archie doesn't listen. The day of the wedding Archie informs his best man, Jughead, that he's nervous. Instead of bringing up Betty, Jughead calms Archie's wedding jitters as a good friend would.

Leading up to the wedding, Reggie, insanely jealous, tries to foul things up between Archie and Veronica. Reggie encourages Betty to help him since he knows how she feels about Archie, but she withdraws from his scheme at the last minute, giving him away. A day before the wedding, Betty, in the mist of hatching her own plan to stop it out of desperation, gets caught by Veronica. After a lengthy argument, Veronica, feeling bad, asks Betty to be her Maid of Honor, but Betty declines. At the alter, with Betty no where in sight, Veronica starts having second thoughts about marrying Archie, but at the last minute Betty shows up, smiling with tears in her eyes. After the "I do's" and the kiss, Archie discovers Betty uncontrollably crying and wonders while looking back at Veronica if he made a mistake.

Months down the line Veronica breaks up with Archie for many reasons. Reggie toning down his selfish attitude, expressing his love for her... Her Dad's disapproval after his approval of her marriage... Cheryl's annoying flirtatious behaviour with her husband, Archie... And her waning friendship with Betty. Veronica then regrets the divorce, and it's back to the good old love triangle, competing for Archie's love with her best friend Betty.

Feel better?

KW's: exclusive, invision, prediction, played out, reasoning, obvious outcome (Duh!)

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