Argument with best friend. States I ditched her.

About an hour ago I had an argument with my best friend of about a year and a half. We go to law school together and are usually inseparable despite all the people we hang out with on campus. She recently got out of a relationship that ended badly and has changed the way she deals with people because of it, she's taken a zero tolerance approach with people.

I have now started seeing someone who is a mutual friend of ours and as of late her and him don't really see eye to eye. Because of this she doesn't go out with my boyfriend and I. So, in turn if my boyfriend would call me to go out I wouldn't call her up to avoid conflict until I could get them to both get along.

For the last three days, she wasn't calling me or texting me which I found odd since we speak everyday. She said I ditch her for guys and that she's tired of dealing with me and feels our friendship is dead. When I started dating my last boyfriend, she says I would make plans without her as well. She said that she's felt that way for awhile and has just kept quiet about it. She stated that everyone invites her out but her best friend doesn't and she is livid with me because of that. I tried to give an explanation, but she says I only make excuses for myself, and she wasn't having it. By the end of our conversation, she said she will see how things go for now, but she is unsure that I am capable of repairing my mistakes. What can I do to show her that I never meant to ditch her or offend her in any way and I value our friendship. Please help!

-- Becca

Dear Becca:
I know she's your friend, but life is short. You don't need this shit. The only mistakes made was her being a crabby as beotch. Let her have her space. Don't call her. And with this time to think maybe she'll come around or find someone else to make miserable..

If you do talk to her and she hasn't changed, tell her how you feel bad about what happened with her relatioship, but to stop being a downer or get lost! Sometimes tough love solves these problems, or escalates it into a cat-fight. Just be prepared. Have a helmet handy!