Blogger 101, Balls & Eastern Butterfly

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Welcome to another class of Blogger 101!

Today we're gona learn about Balls, not mine.

Balls is an Marine Engineer from the blog
Plan B, and the last post on his blog
"seems like yesterday", wasn't written yesterday, but 3 days ago!

Like our dear President, Balls takes lots of breaks, but he'll be blogging again soon.
So be on the look out for his posted entry "Seems like yesterday that I wrote the post Seems Like Yesterday, but it wasn't"

My next subject is Eastern Butterfly.

Eastern Butterfly complains about everything under the sun, so you bet her husband has some stories to tell!

Eastern Butterfly, like Balls... No, I did not mean she likes balls, she just like the blogger Balls, who's one of my first commentors on my blog!
I wont be able to continue this course if your minds are thinking in the gutter, people!

Anyway, she just discovered that she had an anonymous visitor to her blog, but her NeoCOUNTER can't detect this persons country. I make a bet it was Balls playing around, but not with his balls! OK!

If you want to learn more about Eastern Butterfly, or Balls (The blogger, people!), go visit their blogs, and maybe you'll be my next victim subject for Blogger 101!


ramblings said...

Hey there AL! Hows it shaken?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Trudy Booty Scooty said...

I'm all tied up with tending to hubby's balls....I don't know if I have time to discover more. But what the heck...the more the McMerrier! (g)

Rose DesRochers said...

I visited both blogs and left my comments. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dear Al.

cherish said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day Dear Al.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

i am linking you :)

Sherry said...

Happy, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Al.
I know, I'm a day late but yesterday blogger was mad at me and wouldn't let me visit anyone!

ramblings said...

I forgot to wish you Happy Saint Paddy's Day yesterday!
So there ya go.

Thanks for the info on the euro thing.

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

I don't want anyone to take it personally if they are not on my link list. My list started as peeps I know in real life, then grew as blog relationships did. I'm sure you have frequent bloggers who you kinda consider friends now.... It's easy for a blogroll to get outta control. That's why I wait a while 'til I get to know someone (and their balls). That was a joke. No, really.

Dear AL said...

Ramblings, how's it shaking? Are you calling me fat?

Trudy, your husband is one lucky dude!

Rose, thanks for checking them out! Hope you had fun last night, I was under lockdown!

Cherish, thanks! You are Mint Green to me! ;)

Red Hot Sexy Papa, thanks for linking me! I'll link you to, one of these days! ;)

Sherry, I had a talk with Blogger, and he said he wasn't mad, just drunk.

Ramblings, your welcome! And don't worry about yesterday, you wasn't the only person who forgot my existence.

Jessica, I'm happy to hear you don't rush into balls, or blogrolling people. There are alot of one or two time posters out there who just want to exchange links, then you never see them or their balls again!

beadinggalinMS said...

I am late, I am always late anymore.(blaming it on blogger and the fact I had no electric part of the day yesterday)Soooo Happy St. Patty's Day. Off to visit the blogs you posted :)

Stephen Newton said...

Edgy blog, dear Al. Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

Vengelyne said...

Dear Dear Al,

Your blog makes me laugh. And that's a good sign, no? Well, I'm sorry if it's not meant to be funny. :| If it's not, I guess I just need to get my funny bone checked...

Anyhow, why wouldn't you want to listen to your mom? Since it's been said this blog was HER idea. Moreover, 80% of your millions of weekly fan mails will be from HER just to help you get along!!! See how supportive she is?

I guess I'm a lil braver than you when it comes to seeing an albino roach. I didn't call my mom. I just tried to get away faster. But then again, I was trying to get away from tens of thousands of roaches and a few albino roaches were just there amongst those other roaches. Sigh. I have an affinity towards roaches... or should I say they have an affinity towards me? I'll blog about that another day.

Anyways, *mimics Terminator's voice* Ah'll be bahk!! ;-)

nyasha said...

Dear Al,
When i saw Rose's comment that she had sent you, i started sweating. What nonsense could he have come up with this time? *wink*
But thanks for the "kind words" and just to be clear, i am not playing with anyone's balls... well.....
have been away from the blogosphere because this conspiracy continues - i was not able to access my blog since friday - at all - nor my husband for that matter. And you people think i am paranoid. They are out to get us....

S said... stuff here.
I had already been to ball's site..but Eastern Butterfly was new to me! thanks for pointing her out! :)

Tracie B. said...

what a ball breaker...uffa