No one is laughing!

Dear AL:
I'm a Standup comedian. I've been doing standup at the local improv for the last 3 years since I graduated High School. I use to make some people laugh, but now they mostly look at me like I'm a freakin retard.
I was thinking about going to an improv school, but with my job I can't afford it.

Al, standup is all I know! Have any ideas?
-- Ray, California

Dear Ray:
If you think by going to an improv school it's gona improve your standup, you must really suck! Sit your ass down!

Hope this helped!


Tracie B. said...

two words, ray: fart jokes.

one more thing: i was first, chuck, HAHA!!!

WriteWingNut said...

LOL! You should take his place!

beadinggalinMS said...

Give it up Ray!

Rose DesRochers said...

Dear Ray:
If you think by going to an improv school it's gona improve your standup, you must really suck! Sit your ass down!

Now that's funny!

Chuck said...

Hey, Tracie! As long as I was first for once in my life when it comes to blogs, I'm a happy camper!

In your face! Ah-ha!

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

ray, is it possible that you may have a striking resemblance to carrot top ?

Mr. Universe said...

Ray, go to that improv school. It will come back, but if not, there's always McDonalds.

Ben said...

Jonathan told a funny! This world will never be the same!

YellowRose said...

Hey Al, you sound like a smart guy!

Wendy directed me your way tonight!

Vengelyne said...

If all else fails, there's always old reruns of Seinfeld...

ramblings said...

Wow!! Tell it like it is AL!

I love that about you!!

Sherry said...

Ray, listen to Al.
He knows best!

Amber said...

Timing... it's all about timing Ray.

The Dormitory Boys said...

AL when we have time we will send you an email.

Grate to see a service like yours on the internet, it's about time! Just be gentle on our souls!

Webmiztris said...

that's really odd because normally when I look at someone who is freakin' retarded, I laugh my ASS off!

Vengelyne said...

Ooh... the infamous dormitory boys on also visit Al's blog...

Dear AL said...

Tracie, you can't be serious! I'm sick of fart jokes!

WriteWingNut, don't have the time.

beadinggalinMS, maybe he should just seek a better audience that might laugh at his jokes, like a Sitcom with a laugh-track.

Rose, thanks! I also thought so. Oops! Sorry Ray!

Chuck, happy to hear you're a happy camper! *Punch to the mouth*

lastlifeinmyuniverse, if Ray is Carrot Top, I feel for him!

Jonathan, why can't you be like this every time you visit my blog? I thought you wasn't ever gona comment again, are you nuts?

Ben, I don't think he was joking.

Yellowrose, thank you... thank you... I'm the man!

Vengelyne, you're not a Seinfeld fan, are you? Can't stand shows with laugh-tracks!

Ramblings, thanks! You know I can't eat any more of your Ripe Pear and Crisp Apple with Bleu Cheese recipe, do you? Get to blogging!

Sherry, you tell him, girl!

Amber, timing is everything, but if his routine sucks, it wont matter.

The Dormitory Boys, I'm gona tear you apart! LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

Dawn, When I look at someone who acts like a freakin retard on stage, that person is just a freakin retard!

Vengelyne, infamous Dormitory Boys? Wait till I get them! They will never misspell another English word again! Mwahahahaha!