Feel Like I Don't Belong

Dear Al:
so i have some school problems especially with math and no one actually listens to me. im in math honors which is something i worked my butt off for and when i finally get it i feel like i dont belong. first of all every friend of mine wants to cheat off me. im only geting 80s and i feel uncomfortable. the class is overcrowed and i cant see anything he writes. i feel like i dont belong and i want to get out but if i get out then im afraid it might look bad on my report card. what should i do?
-- Stephanie, Math Honors

Dear Stephanie:
Are you also having problems with English? Thanks! I don't feel so bad about my writting!

Why in the name of all that's holy would anybody want to make math honors? Anyway, you wouldn't be there if you didn't have what it takes, which alot of MTV Real World watching morons wished they had, brains! Don't take this the wrong way, you can be smart and cool at the same time. My brainiac brother had girls lined up around the block... twice!

Ask your teacher if he could move you closer to the board, which would also relieve you of the pressure of your moronic friends copying off ya, and just do your best. If you still don't feel comfortable about being there, talk to your math teacher and find out what your options are.
I hope this helped!


Chuck said...

I'm first!

Never in my life did I thought I would be the first commenter on a popular blog more than once! Yeah... baby!

Li said...

Somebody please knock out the rest of Chucks teeth!

Hang in there, Stephanie!

Janet said...

Stephanie, just do the best you can! Nobody is perfect, so don't let this get you down!

AL, I followed your link from a post on the Dormitory Boys blog, and added you to my favorites. You Rock!

Jackie said...

Al you're an ass, but I love your style! Book marking ya!

Kurt said...

Stephanie, you're worried about math honors? You should be more worried about my English!

Kurt said...

Oops! I mean you're English!

I changed the beginning of that sentence without adjusting the rest, that's why it doesn't read right.

Dear AL said...

Chuck, ***SMACK***

Li, you're more than welcome to perform his oral surgery!

Janet, welcome aboard, and thanks for your advice!

Jackie, you're a bitch! ;) Hope to see ya around!

Kurt, time to lay off that crack!