How To Write A Girl

Dear Al:
I've been wondering why girls are such a pain? I love one girl, but she just never gonna accept me. Once I messaged her this "Hey can we be together, tough im fat. Can? Please..." She replied " No! I don't like fat and ugly guy." I'm not that UGLY as she said and not that FAT. I am just a cool guy who understands people feelings, and chat with them while they are down. Please, AL, Advice please. :)
-- Fabb, Singapore

Dear Fabb:
First you tell her you're fat, then you state you're not that fat... Are you nuts?

Never ever put yourself down when you're writing a girl! They already know what you look like, you don't have to remind them. Second, don't beg! The feel sorry for me act doesn't work, specially when you're fat. Nobody wants to be with a needy person!

When you write a girl, compliment her, but don't over do it. You need to grab their attention, not scare them away! If you still love this girl that called you fat and ugly, you have some serious problems.

Good luck!


ramblings said...

Oh Lord, never in a million years!!
He needs to learn not to beg.
We only like them to beg for one thing.

Good Advice AL!!!

Webmiztris said...

Tell Flab, er, FABB, it's probably his English that's scaring her away. "tough im fat"....WTF? lol

Mr. Universe said...

Fabb, how can you still love this girl?


Ang said...

I'd say learn how to spell, get some backbone, and get a life.

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

tell her she's phat

Dear AL said...

Ramblings, no matter how much I beg, my wife wont give me a massage! :P

Dawn, who in their right mind would SMS that?

Jonathan, stop bashing him! That's my job!

Ang, I slammed him, and you finished him off! Is he still alive?

Jessica, you tell him!

Vengelyne said...

Iono. I think looks are just way way way overrated. It's important as a first impression, but still... it's the FEEL that counts.

Anyways, if the girl is so superficial to go for looks, Fabb should thank god she rejected him. *ouch*

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

fabb, one word: karma. paybacks a bitch. trust me. it'll come around. i know coz im getting my just deserts too. sigh.

Monika said...


I don't wanna be bitchy but Al is right. I've had guys beg, and it's the biggest turnoff!

Women want men who have their shit together, who are confident. First signs of weekness and we head for the hills.

The Stiltwalker said...

you need first learna speaka good of yourself and notta tell her you fatta. if she still say no tell her kiss your fatta ass.

just me said...

Begging? And reminding her you're fat? Come on..... Is this guy for real???

beadinggalinMS said...

begging guys ohno that girl needs to run far far away!