Working the morning shift again!

Yep folks! This week I have the morning shift again, and since I have tons of work to do around the house (cleaning up after my kids), I wont be able to answer anyone today. I was thinking about trying to respond to one writer today, but since my Blogger account took over half an hour to work properly, I'm out of time.

I don't know any blog service that performs major maintenace which closes all operation every other freakin day! I hope Blogger fixes whatever problems they're having before my next life!

Have a great day people! I'll have something posted tomorrow, if Blogger plays nice! I make a bet after this entry my blog never makes it to Bloggers main page under Blogs of Note. Waah!


ramblings said...

I know, it's so freaken irritating too!

I'm glad to see your still alive and kicking.

Monika said...

I feel your pain, after trying to load the blogger home page for about 15 minutes, I realized that ONCE AGAIN, FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME blogger had "difficulties" ARG!

beadinggalinMS said...

I have called blogger so many names these past 2 days! So I am eating a bowl of icecream to calm down. LOL

Rose said...

Al, one word, "Wordpress."