Dear Tonya:

When I first saw your post, it gave me a heart attack! Damn that was a long message! But I'm doing fine now at the recovery station at Saint John's Hospital. George Clooney said I'm gona live!

Look, there is so much you can do to help yourself! Find something, a hobby, and concentrate on that, whatever it might be!

I have a friend who is dying of cancer, but she's not giving up, and she's the most happiest person on the planet that I know. I know it sounds hard to believe, and I'm not sure how I would react if I was in her shoes, but I know I wont take my life.

Please, there is so many people in the world going through hard times, but they are making it!

I grew up in the worse part of New York City, I had nothing! I wore the same clothes everyday to school, looked like a bum, got into alot of fights, mostly defending myself, had hardly anything to eat, and lived in a small apartment with my 6 brothers and sisters. It was a mad house! I'm not making this up!

Imagine sharing a bed with a younger brother who's feet stinked like Gods knows what! He didn't want to put his socks in the laundry because he was afraid he would never get them back!

We was lucky to get one meal a day, which wasn't that much. It was always a mad dash to the kitchen in the morning to eat whatever was in the frigerator, because we didn't know if there was gona be anything to eat later.

With all the crap I've been through in my life, I'm still here, living better than before. Tonya, things will get better, you just have to hang in there!

Hope you don't mind that I didn't repost your message here. If you need to get more off your chest, please write me again!

Take care of yourself!

***ATTENTION PEOPLE*** From here on out, Tonya and my blog friends are the only people allowed to write long messages to me!
The rest of you can ROT!

Just kidding about the rotting part, but not the link!


Rose said...

Prepares to write Al a long letter.

Chuck said...

I've been itching to write you for a while, have a rash!