Photobucket To The Rescue!

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Dear Al:
For the last couple of days, you know... I've been trying to upload photos to my radically bodacious blog on Blogger, but for some reason it's not working! I see you had the problem with the post before, but now it has a photo, which is so rad!

Is Blogger dissing me, throwing me the salami, or am I making a mistake on my end? I would really really love to add a photo of me and my girlfriend that we took at this hotel! Schwing!

I'm not providing a link to my blog since my girlfriend said she'll kill me if anybody sees her nude photos I posted before, and the naked one of her Mom. Don't ask!

Looking forward to your totally awesome response, oh great one!
-- Wayne, Aurora, Illinois

Dear Wayne:
You know, some bug has been givin alot of Bloggers this problem with not being able to upload photos to Blogger the last couple of days, which is totally uncool! When I first discovered this problem when I tried to upload a photo, I was like... Ex-squeeze me... A-sphincter-says-what?!

Anyway, one way to get around this problem, use a reliable image host like Photobucket. Through Photobucket, you can directly post an entry with an image to your Blog on Blogger, or whatever free blogging service you're using. In Photobucket, click on Blog Options on the top right corner of your screen, then follow these instructions:

From then on there will be a Blog button above all images you upload to Photobucket, and a Blog'em button on the lower left corner of your screen to post an entry with multiple images that you choose.
I hope this helped!

UPDATE: Sorry Wayne, but Photobucket doesn't allow pornography! You're shit out of luck!


lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

naked picture of her mom ? kinky.

Vengelyne said...

Lol. Exactly my sentiments, lastlifeinmyuniverse.

Maybe that's why he couldn't post any photos up. Photobucket bans naked pics of people's moms! :O

Dear AL said...

Oh yeah! Wayne, you're gona have to find another image host, because Photobucket doesn't allow nude Mom pics. LOL!

Maybe Blogger has this problem fixed, have you gave it a try?

The Stiltwalker said...

Ex-squeeze me... A-sphincter-says-what?!


Rose said...

Naked pictures of Mom?

I don't even want to know.

Chuck said...

I do!