What's it Gonna Be?

Dear Al:
Lately, since I haven't been having any luck with men, I've been getting drunk at the local bar. Where the hell are all the good guys? And I mean, GOOD GUYS!

Shit! I need to get laid!
-- Chrissie, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Chrissie:
Keep going to that bar, I'm sure you'll get lucky. Maybe with this gentlemen below!

See you all Monday!


just me said...

OH MY GOD! Too funny! Looks like my kind of guy!!

The Stiltwalker said...

LMAO. what's up with the Asian dude! I'd have to drink more if I saw some shit like this!

Dear AL said...

Erin, are you ok?

Stiltwalker, judging by the end of the video, seems like she had one to many!

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...


ramblings said...

Holy Shit!!!
I bout pissed myself! Oh god!! I'm still listening to it.

See, and you wonder why I was going nuts not being able to read your posts. They always make me laugh.

Hope your weekend is great.

Vengelyne said...

Lol. The Asian guy cracks me up with his high pitch squealing!!!

Btw, didn't I mention it before in one of Al's post that ALL GOOD GUYS are either married/taken or GAY??!!! Sheesh!!!

Webmiztris said...

oh. my. god. that was freakin' awesome, and I'm totally swiping that clip!!!

Dear AL said...

Last! Breath... breath!

Ramblings, thought you forgot how to read. My bad!

Vengelyne, Chuck is still availbale!

Dawn, don't forget where you found the video! God dammit!

Vengelyne said...

Good Lord!!! Are you recommending Chuck to Chrissie?

Good luck!

Chuck said...

I'm always availbale, Al.

Vengelyne, so what do you say? I'm straight, and free for the taking!

beadinggalinMS said...

OMG!! LMAO!! Have a great weekend.

Mr. Universe said...

LOL! That was funny!

I've been available forever, but I'm not looking. Afraid that guy might hit on me!

Chantel said...

You crack me up!!
Thanks for coming by my blog.

Fo' sheezzy

Anonymous said...

Hey! Here from Michele's. Your blog is a blast!

luckysevn said...

I think I know that guy in the video... creepy!

kontan said...

HA! ummmm run from that guy, lol!here from micheles

Just a trumpet player said...

Wow ! that guy is everywhere !!

Michele sent me. Have a great weekend !

Dear AL said...

Vengelyne, I'm recommending Chuck to you! He-he! Still friends?

Chuck, you're gona be available forever! ***SMACK***

Beadings, you to!

Jonathan, I bet he already tried for you! Did you like it?

Chantel, you no wha I'm sayin'! Nice ta meat u!

Wordnerd, thanks!

luckysevn, you know that guy? Ew! ***slowly moving away***

kontan, I bet you find him attractive deep down! Come on, admit it!

Just a trumpet player, you're scarying me! Thanks for stopping by!

yellojkt said...

That video is extra twisted. Thanx for making my evening.

Lori said...

The Asian guy is kind of HOT, love the video.

bobealia said...

Couldn't watch the video, the stolen internet is not working so hot. It's random.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

the.. asian.. guy... is hot ? *makes a beaver face*

Rose said...

Try the Gay bars and if you have no luck purchase a bob. You can always toss the battery operated boyfriend under the bed when you're done.