Why Are Most Women So Boring To Hang Out With?

Dear Al:
When my husband and his brothers all get together for an outing, the wives are expected to hang out together too. But I don't enjoy hanging out with the women who only want to talk about babies and clothing and home decor and all of that crap. I'd rather hang out with the guys! They have so much more fun! For me, hanging out with the women is TORTURE! And going to baby showers? Don't even get me started! I feel like how a guy would feel if he were forced to go to a baby shower: calm looking on the outside but screaming, "GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" on the inside! What the hell is wrong with me?

I'm sending this question in to several 'advice' sites because I really need as much advice on this matter as possible!

-- Dawn (webmiztris), Bumfuck Nowhere, PA

Dear Dawn:
So what's wrong with baby showers? Oops!

Dawn, there is nothing wrong with you, and not all women are boring to hangout with, unless you live out in bumfuck nowhere! It's time you broke this tradition of your husbands family! When the boys go out to play, spend at least half an hour with their wives before you tell them you have a birthday party to go to, need to cheer up an old friend, have to set-up some amps for a concert, need to beat the crap out of Brendan Fraser privately for standing-up your girlfriend! And once you're out of the house, do what you do best... party!

If your husband has a problem with this, make him attend a baby shower... Twice! I hope this helped!

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Vengelyne said...

I agree with Al on this.

I'd communicate with my guy regarding this and get him to understand the situation whereby not all women enjoy talking about babies, house decor and other boring stuff. I know I don't enjoy those and what I don't enjoy, people can't make me do.

But it'd be tough making hubby look bad that you don't spend time with the sis-in-laws, so spending an hour or so with them before you weasel out does make things easier for the both of you, I guess...

Frida said...
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Frida said...

Dear Dawn,

What are you interested in? Talk to them about it. The subject of sex is usually fun and if they have children, they can relate as well.

I relate better to men. Woman want ruffles, I have never seen the point in ruffles.

Bring a psp, gameboy DS, crossword puzzle, a journal, newspaper... Ignor them.

Tell them it's cramps. If they are very female females.. they will let you go in the other room to rest.

BUT before you put all the excuses into play, give it a real shot to connect with them. Be honest, what is the real problem? Is it that you hang out with adults to escape baby land and they keep brining it to your doorstep?

The Stiltwalker said...

my hubby wouldn't want me hanging with men. He'd think they'd want me. Plus he wouldn't want me hanging with ho's either cause then I'd be encouraged to "gossip and pick up men"

Webmiztris said...

lol, thanks, al! my husband doens't care that I don't like going to baby showers, but the rest of his family? I know they all think I'm antisocial because I always skip going to things like baby/bridal showers because they're just AWFUL. Guess they'll just have to get over it!

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

some women are just boring. nothing wrong with you dawn.

Paul F. said...

Eat a lot of beans before you go.... That ALWAYS does the trick! If you play your cards right, you won't get re-invited too often anymore.

Dancewriter said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only woman who feels this way. We should start a support group! LOL

(nah, that would be boring)

Nukes and Candy said...

[fist and foremost, I say delete the span on top of my comment, makes me look bad]

Dawn, I say make yous housbands-brothers-wives hand out with the guys more, take em' out to party, you teach them about the good life. Theres nothing screwed up in your feminineness, some women are really boring, and I'm not saying it because I'm a guy.

Show em' the good life, they'll never want to go back ;)

Alexander Wunderlich

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...


How torturous for a guy! Eeeeks.

Chuck said...

I say come over to my house once you escape the family!

Tracie B. said...

but there's always cake at baby showers

UK guy said...

Congratulations Dawn, you have entered the realm of 'rationality'. Get the hell out of 'bottom-sex nowhere' and go somewhere interesitng just to get away from the wretched slags that you're forced to socialise with. I bet your deluded female friend are all Republicans, smiling through the tears as they stand by their sad husbands, wishing they'd have had that dishy young black man in accounts instead, but ocnvincing themselves all the while they're happy (boo-hoo), but for the social stigma it would cause. You need to move somewhere interesting darling. Come to the UK, we may not be into physical fitness and heatlhy lifestyles (basically because there are actually 'things to do' in Europe other than the gym). Anyway, what did 'the US guys' do? Take you bowling? Cioa baby ;-)

Laneris said...

Women could be as boring as men sometimes even more in communication with the same sex. I prefer men friends! They have more interesting things to talk about.

Gwapo said...

baby showers eh? goodness. if you're trying to KILL men with boredom i'd give you the gold star medal and definitely make you the perfect star for the next fatal DISS-attraction.

here's your star


like it? live with it

anyway, stop laughing or i'm gonna spank you with a carrot. i'd would answer your lifelong questions including our mysterious chemistry but it's gonna cost you twenty bucks a minute, AND forty dollars a minute when i'm in a rush.

and I AM in a rush.

alright, cut the batsheet and i'll give you a sexy man's wisdom-filled answer: women are so butt-ass boring 'coz they are so dependent on a man like moi. short answer: extremely confident with boys and zero confident with incredibly sexy and gorgeous men and that includes me. result? she = highly attracted, me = "i think you're as interesting as a mule"


Anonymous said...

of course u'd rather hang-out w/the guys...we do everything better ! btw ; do u play softball ?

Anonymous said...

I was looking up this very topic when I stumbled across your post. One I can not for the love of life seem to fit in with women. I was really pondering this last night and my conclusion is women are boring as hell. I hate going to things with my husband and then somehow the pack will break with guys going there way and the gals another. All I can think about is how in the world I can get away from the women talking and head over to the guys. I cook,clean, raise my kids every day, the last thing I want to do is sit and gab about it too. I don't feel like gossipping about whomever and I don't have cramps to sit and complain about. Recently the women from our church were getting together to go pick blueberries. Good Lord, I'd be much happier going to watch a drag race than sit and pick berries. It's just official women are boring and I just can't fit in with them.

Laura Kendrick said...

Yeah... Can't stand it when my hubbie's friend's Bitches talk crap and shit! "Ooh, have you seen the new mall, gal flick, my son's grades, Takisha's big ass pimple?!!"


Kate D. said...

I agree, I've always found other women boring and men much more interesting. My theory is that because women are so social, they are very concerned with conformity and do not want to do anything that would stand out from the crowd. Like others have said, they are very concerned with keeping up with the Joneses, appearances and social stigma. They stunt themselves, their lives and their growth because of this. I'm a librarian and have worked with boring people like this for a decade. And if you're not into the same things other women are, look out...that's when the caddiness comes in.

Anonymous said...

I could not get through this entire thread because it was so BORING.