Boyfriend Doesn't Respect Me In The Slightest

Dear AL: where do i start??...i know ur a common guy awnsering this so im not expecting a miricle just maybe a round about awnser on what my man may be thinking....
im 22 and have a four yr old son...i started seeing my bout 2 and half yrs ago..when we were five months going out he did the dirty on me(ie he cheated(only kissing and gropping))...then after forgiving him i decided to forgive him and we were like any other couple with the usual arguments untill son was diagnosed with mild autism last september and may i stress very very boyf has been great...he can be tough on my son but i know he loves him so so much and i know my son adores him to bits...but the problem is that my boyfriend doesnt respect me in the slightest...hed prefer to leave me at home when he goes out... will come to visit me when ever it pleases him and it doesnt matter what i say..maybe its me to oand i will accept some of the blame i can be a bit clingy and i will admit to that but it just seems to me that hes having his cake and eatin it at the same time if you know what i mean... hes said to me so many times after bein together 2 and half years that hes movin to america when he finishes his apprentiship to become an i really wonder will he leave me or is this a self esteem issue for him and is he just trying to make himself feel better...please reply...desperatly seeking advice xxx
-- Shauna, Dublin, Ireland

Dear Shauna:
Your man is thinking that he found himself a sucker! Sorry, but someone has to tell you like it is!

He's tough on your son and you allow this, goes out on his own all the time, then scares you stating he's gona leave, so you cling to him like he's the last guy on earth. When the opportunity presents itself, he will leave you, that's for sure. He's only looking out for #1, himself! You are nothing but a doormat to him!

Shauna, you are wasting your time. Think about your future, your sons well being! There are alot of nice fun guys out there, but you will never meet them if you don't drop this bum! You can try talking to him, but more than likely he's gona tell you what you want to hear, or threaten to leave for the states like before, then pull the same bullshit with you all over again! He's playing games with your head, time you pulled the plug!
I hope this helped! Take care of yourself and your son!


Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I have to agree. Do I?

Vengelyne said...

I'm not going to say anything on this.

Idiots in love shouldn't be giving advice to others when it comes to the matter of love. :|

Webmiztris said...

tell him to take a hike. guys like that never change.

Monika said...


if some shithead were to yell at MY kid, I wack him upside the head

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

hey my girls already know my answer to this...


Dear AL said...

Yes RHSP, you have to agree!

Vengelyne, Noooooo!!!!! You're all knowing! I can't believe this!

Dawn, you tell her! Sad thing is that girls that take shit like that never change, but hopefully she does and gives him the boot!

Monika, go get em!

Last, wise words, hopefully she heeds the message!

Rose said...

Shauna, tell him to take a hike. Go back to school and make a life for you and your son.