Jason Goldman of Blogger visits Coalinga State Hospital. Will they ever let him out?

Blogger just turned 7 years old in dog years, according to Jason Goldman. "Oh, the birthday logo is a dog because of that whole "1 human year = 7 dog year" thing. And there should be more dogs in birthday hats, don'cha think?" said Jason, shortly before being escorted away by two nice men in white.

"Jason told us that he has to buy a cake for his dog," said Freddy, male nurse. "I asked him what's his dogs name, and he said Blogger", "After looking at my coworker, we straight-jacketed him"

"We're not sure how long Jason is gona stay here," said a doctor from Coalinga State Hospital, "His obsession with wanting to feed Blogger is very troubling!"

"Don't know exactly why I'm here," said Jason. "Just hope they have access to the internet, I have to walk Blogger", "Did you know Blogger is 1 year old today in human years?"

Medical staff quickly escorted Jason to the electric shock therapy room.

Update: Aug 25 - Jason Goldman, Product Manager of Blogger, escaped Coalinga State Hospital, shortly after taking his medication Thursday night. Investigators from San Francisco police department questioned Eric Case of Blogger, after reading his post on the blog Blogger Buzz, which states Jason simply resigned, when in truth he was taken to a looney bin, Coalinga.

"I'm not sure where Jason is, I thought he just quit," Said Eric, "His parking space is mine!"

Eric's cover-up post: " So long, and thanks for all the ___!"

Jason's last blog post before being commited: "For The Love Of B"

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Dear AL said...

Just thought I'll write something different! LOL!

Happy Belated Birthday Blogger!

Jason Goldman said...


Dear AL said...

OMG! It's Jason!