How Can I Tell Him His Breath Stinks?

Dear AL:
I have co-worker who has bad, bad smell to breath. I must work with this guy sometimes in close quarters when working on projects. Then when we go to lunch I must ride in car with this stinker too. He is really a great guy, but his breath can peel paint off walls. How can I tell him his breath stinks in nice way?
-- Ivan, Hollywood

Yo Ivan:
Privately tell him his breath stinks, there's really no other way. He's probably unaware of his problem, or doesn't mind stinking like ass. His condition could be a dental or medical problem, so you be doing him a favor by telling him that he stinks. But if you still can't tell him, visuals always work. The next time he tries to talk to you, run!

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Webmiztris said...

offer him an Altoid, like, every 5 minutes. he'll get the hint. :)

Sweety said...

Great advice. Honesty is the best here. You're helping yourself AND him.

Paul F. said...

How about putting a pack of breath mints on his seat before he get to work in the morning.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Normally I will start a habit of bringing toothpaste and toothbrush in front of the said-stinky person. It is like a trend... and soon the office will have a dental hygience session, thanks to yours truly :)

ramblings said...

Heeheee!! I worked with a guy like that once. It wasn't just his breath, it was body ordor and his teeth looked like they hadn't seen a tooth brush in eons.

I went to the boss, and he had to say something, because it was physically hindering my work. So, he said something to him, and then the guy went and put on a buttload of cologne, (which we all know is worse sometimes), and I finally told him, that didn't help, it was worse.

I ended up just telling him flat out, on my own. I wasn't mean, but I he had to know it wasn't just me that felt that way. In the end, he finally blamed it all on his wife, saying that she wouldn't wash clothes, or do any cleaning around the house. I could believe it, but his teeth told me another story.
But, he didn't come into work stinking to high heaven anymore.

lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

the funny thing is... while everyone is aware of this, the bad breath dude will prolly be the last to know.

Tracie B. said...

i agree, privately tell him his breath stinks...with a gas mask.

subtle, right?